Upgrading pipeline fitting control and management equipment


Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk LLC


Upgrading equipment for pipeline fitting control and management and automatic control of electrical network facilities.



‣ Automatic electricity supply control system

‣ Electrical power unit automatic control system cabinet

‣ Communication device

‣ Power supply service automated workstation

‣ Power supply service workstation

‣ Network equipment

‣ A set of technical equipment

‣ Technical equipment unit

‣ Automatic heat and water supply control system

‣ Dispatch equipment

‣ Automatic regulation system for compressor station (ARS CS) with equipment for ARS CS

‣ Peripheral logic controller for compressor station (PLC CS) with equipment for PLC CS

‣ Peripheral logic controller for interconnection node (PLC IN) with equipment for PLC IN

‣ Dispatcher’s workstation

‣ Systems engineer’s workstation

‣ Metrologist’s workstation

‣ Technical hardware unit with a set of licensed software for automatic fire fighting and air pollution control systems


Avtelcom specialists successfully upgraded the pumping equipment infrastructure. This equipment is intended for the automatic control and management of pipeline fittings at compressor station units.