Design and installation of server and networking equipment


Stankoprom OJSC


‣ Installation of modern server and networking equipment at the new office

‣ Selecting hardware and software suitable for the customer’s needs

‣ Performing installation and pre-commissioning work


‣ A farm of three IBM System x3650 M4 servers, intended to serve enterprise infrastructure for 100 thin clients and a virtual machine environment including domain controllers, collaboration, database, email and terminal services, and 1C servers

‣ This is a flexible and scalable solution featuring a router, three switches, two wireless access points, a data storage system, two uninterruptible power supply units, a server cabinet with auxiliary equipment, virtualization, control, and service and back-up software with hardware capabilities for remote monitoring


The designed software and hardware system includes all the necessary functions for centralized management of virtual infrastructure. It meets the requirements for high data availability, service fault tolerance and business process continuity.

The system allows for protection against viruses and malware, and for rebooting and migrating virtual machines between hosts or cluster nodes without service interruptions or operator intervention.