Avtelcom Inform, a subsidiary of Avtelcom, became a 1C franchisee partner. 1C Franchisee status allows the company to officially represent the vendor in the market and offer its customers a wide range of services for the implementation and support of 1C solutions.

The “1C:Enterprise” platform helps businesses address operational tasks faced by management and specialists in literally every area of operation. A portfolio of universal and specialized products allows the platform to flexibly adapt to the needs of every industry, and to integrate with other vendors’ hardware and software systems if necessary.

Hundreds of thousands of small and medium companies are 1C customers today; so are numerous representatives of the large corporate market. To guarantee service quality, the developer has chosen the franchise model which enables even small partner companies to organize their work in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard and obtain an international compliance certificate. ISO 9001:2008 certification guarantees that the company has formal key business processes, strictly follows the operating, technological and quality assurance procedures for the work performed, and the staff are professional and properly trained.

The “1C: Franchising” network unites certified organizations that provide bookkeeping, management and tax accounting automation services. “1C: Franchisee” status certifies the compliance of partner services with the vendor’s standards. In particular, a 1C franchisee partner has all of the skills needed to provide consultancy services, sales, implementation, customization, post-project support of vendor solutions and training customer staff on working with these products. For today, the “1C: Franchising” network has more than 3,000 partners in Russia and the CIS.

“1C products can definitely be classified as business-critical systems, with organizational development – and often the basic survival of an organization – being dependent upon their stable operation. That is why one must be very careful when selecting a partner for integration and subsequent support for these solutions. In particular, it is vital to check whether the prospective partner has specialists certified on the vendor’s products, experience integrating the solution in companies working in the same industry as the customer, and whether the company’s Quality Management System is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 international standard – we are just working on this”, says Mikhail Kulakov, Director Avtelcom Inform. “Signing a partnership agreement with 1C is another step towards developing business automation and an official confirmation of our expertise by the vendor. As part of further cooperative development, we intend to boost our expertise on a developer’s “heavier” solutions and become a “1C: ERP Solutions Competency Center” partner.