Avtelcom, a supplier of system integration, supply and construction services, announced that it has received a license to perform work related to the design, installation, repairs and maintenance of fire safety systems.

An EmerCom license is needed for any organization engaged in the installation, repair and maintenance of fire safety systems in buildings and facilities. This license enables Avtelcom specialists to provide a full range of services in the area of engineering systems and comprehensive security activities related to the installation, technical maintenance and repairs of fire fighting systems, fire and combined fire-security alarms, fire extinguishing, smoke removal and smoke ventilation systems, as well as fire notification and evacuation systems.

To obtain the EmerCom license, a company must have specialists with higher education in their respective areas, and at least three years of experience working in the licensed activity area. Additionally, the company must have a license and a set of technical documentation for all equipment and measurement appliances used in performing the licensed activity.

“According to the Emergency Committee of Russia, about 140,000 fires occurred in Russia last year, claiming more than 8,500 lives. Material damage from these accidents is counted in millions of rubles,” said Mikhail Zhivov, Director of IT infrastructure and Service Department at Avtelcom. “By getting the EmerCom license, we have opened a great window of opportunity to create integrated system for protection of life, health and the property of our clients. The Avtelcom team’s extensive expertise and rich experience guarantee their efficiency”.